Personal Retirement Bond Kildare, Ireland

A Personal Retirement Bond, takes the pension pot and transfers it into your own name. You have control over the investment choice and you may be able to access the funds earlier.

What is a bond?

Have you previously paid into a pension, have you moved jobs, or have you been made redundant? What happened to your pension pot? Sometimes an old workplace pension can remain in the previous scheme or it may be transferred into a personal retirement Bond.

A Personal retirement Bond, takes the pension pot and transfers it into your own name. You have control over the investment choice and you may be able to access the funds earlier. In the event of your death the Personal Retirement Bond becomes part of your estate.

If you were in a Defined Benefit scheme then you must seriously consider if you want to stay in the scheme as a deferred member or move to a Personal Retirement Bond. We can help you gather the necessary information to make an informed decision in this case. Every paid-up pension needs to be reviewed.

How does it work?

Control: You can take personal control of your pension when you invest in a Personal retirement Bond.

You choose the funds that your money is invested in. There a re a vast number of funds available. We will work with you in determining your appetite for risk and guide you toward suitable funds.

Any investment growth is tax free.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Warning: If you invest in these products you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

The advantages of a personal retirement bond 1. A PRB allows you control over your pension fund. 2. You have the final say in investment decisions 3. You may access a PRB from age 50

Retirement Options For Personal Retirement Bond

What options do I have when I retire? First, after you have taken any of the tax-free cash that you are allowed to draw, the balance of the money will be used to provide you with a pension.

This can be arranged by using the money to buy what is called an ‘annuity’ – or investing it in an ‘approved retirement fund’, or a mixture of both.

25% tax free lump sum and the balance in invested in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)


25% Tax Free Lump Sum and the balance to an annuity



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Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Retirement Bond Kildare, Ireland

When should I review my personal Retirement bond?
I would always recommend reviewing when your personal circumstances change. It’s not necessary that you check on your bond every month if you request an up to date policy overview I can go though it with you so you have peace of mind.
How do I know where to find my old personal Retirement bond?
I can help you look for any old pensions you may have. Do you know the company that you were paying your pension into? If not we can write out to all the pension companies and find out where the bond has gone.
I have an old workplace pension how do I go about finding this pension?
Do you know the company that you were working for?

Do you have any old paperwork that may have been sent out to you?

No worries if you can’t find this we will write out to the pension companies and find out where your old workplace pension has gone to.

Can I take any of my benefits early?
You can cash out a bond from the age of 50.

You don’t have to do this but th option is there for you.

Can I have more than 1 Personal Retirement Bond?

Yes you can if you have been in several different employments and were paying into a workplace pension that you can take these different workplace pensions to bonds.

Once you reach pensionable age you may look at combining everything together which may make it easier if you are withdrawing from the one pension pot.