Lost Pension Kildare, Ireland

When people move jobs, they often leave their pension benefits behind.

Have you had an old workplace pension?
Ever wondered what happened to the old workplace pension that you were contributing to?

Where did these funds go to?
Do you think you may have been paying into a pension?

When people move jobs, they often leave their pension benefits behind.
We very rarely take note of our pension details and keep documentation about them across jobs and decades.

For that reason, many pension pots have been lost in the paperwork of our careers and remain unclaimed.

However, they aren’t lost. You are entitled to the outcome of any pension payments you have made in any job and we can help you locate them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lost Pension in Kildare & Ireland

How do I know if I have been paying into an old pension?
Do you have any old Workplace details which you think you may have been paying your pension into?

Check your previous Employment History and see if you have an old Payslip to hand this will show any pension deductions.

How do I go about finding an old pension?
We will write out to the different companies and we will try and see if we can locate where your pension is.
Am I entitled to take what I have in this pension?
You are entitled to this pension, you may want to combine this with your current pension

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