Executive Pension / Master Trust

An Executive Pension is a pension set up by employers for executives or key employees of the company.

A Company pension scheme is one of the most important employee benefits that an employee can provide.

An Executive Pension is a pension set up by employers for executives or key employees of the company.

The pension is set up under a trust. With an Executive Pension both employees and employers can make contributions.

The ultimate value of your pension plan will depend on the contributions you and your employer have made over the years, and the investment return the funds have achieved in your Executive Pension.

Not only does an Executive Pension provide you with a long-term plan for your retirement, but it is also a tax efficient way for you to set aside money for when you retire as well as a tax efficient way for your employer to provide you with employee benefits.

In addition to employer contributions, you may also contribute up to 40% of your income (depending on your age) into your Executive Pension and claim tax relief

Age-related percentage limit for tax relief on pension contributions
AgePercentage limit
Under 3015 %
30-3920 %
40-4925 %
50-5430 %
55-5935 %
60 or over40 %


We can talk to you about your expectations for retirement and your personal circumstances. In understanding what you hope to achieve. We can offer you helpful advice in deciding if an Executive Pension is a suitable plan for you. Master Trust is simply a company pension scheme set up under trust.


What options do I have when I retire? First, after you have taken any of the tax-free cash that you are allowed to draw, the balance of the money will be used to provide you with a pension.

This can be arranged by using the money to buy what is called an ‘annuity’ – or investing it in an ‘approved retirement fund’, or a mixture of both.

25% tax free lump sum and the balance in invested in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)
25% Tax Free Lump Sum and the balance to an annuity
1.5 times salary tax free lump sum and the balance to either an arf or an annuity

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Frequently Asked Questions about Executive Pension / Master Trust

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