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Self Build Mortgages Ireland

The process with a self build mortgage is slow from the first plans that you put in place to requesting the final valuation but is very rewarding when all the pieces come together.

Having an understanding of the mortgageself-build-mortgages-ireland-gwen-clarke-financial-services and build process can be helpful and prepare you along the way.

  1. Planning & Design & Application submitted to Council
  2. Once you get your approval from the council it’s time to start getting your approval from the bank
  3. Submit all relevant documents along with your costings
  4. Application will be submitted and assessed by the lender
  5. Get your mortgage approval in principle and then go to loan offer
  6. Upon loan offer the 1st valuation will be requested
  7. A loan offer pack will go out to Both you and your Solicitor
  8. We will then proceed to put life insurance in place and building insurance
  9. Once all final documents have been submitted to the bank they will go for final sign off
  10. 1st stage of draw down is released out to your solicitor

From Clearing the site, to coming across your first bumps in the road to being able to pick out the pieces that you want in each room from the kitchen to the children’s bedrooms you’re on the road to building a dream home for your family.

At GCFS we have access to a wide range of lenders, we can compare the best rates available to you.

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