It’s the end of January (finally) and you may have set some resolutions or goals. How are they going? Were they related to money? When we work with clients, there are some key things around money and money goals that we work with them on.  We wanted to share this with you, see our 5 money tips below to help you have more money in 2020…

1. Plan Your Money First ; Income and Expenditure 

When we spend our money without a plan we can end up spending beyond our means. When you start each month planning your income and expenditure it means you can plan to save, to spend and to take the fear out of both. 

How would you feel knowing you have enough money every month? This starts with a plan

2. Accountable for Your Account

Find someone who can act as your accountability partner and help you stick to your goals or if possible be your own accountability partner and set rewards for your progress. 

3. Be Frugal 

To get you on track sometimes, for a short time expenses should be cut. This may be not going out, eating out, getting one less coffee a week, bringing home-made lunch to work etc. Save money now and quicker by cutting these for a short time, once you get a handle on your money, these can be added in again. 

4. Be Consistent

This only works if you are consistent with your plan. January can be a great month to start as we are often motivated “new year, new me” but this should be a life plan. Try it in 3 month cycles to start, once you start to have more money and feel better about your finances, it’ll be easy to keep going. If you are really struggling, get a financial advisor to help. 

5. Set goals

A plan is nothing without the reason why you are doing it. Setting goals means you have something to strive for, on the hard days when you want to buy the unnecessary expense, your goals will keep you motivated to stick to the plan! 

If you need a financial plan Gwen can help……..