Serious Illness Cover

Ask yourself will I have the money to help me access the best medical care and assist my recovery? Will my Employer cover my medical costs?

Serious Illness Cover Advice in Kildare

Serious Illness Cover People are living longer than ever before. As a result, the chance of being diagnosed with a serious illness at some point in your life is greater.

Ask yourself will I have the money to help me access the best medical care and assist my recovery? Will my Employer cover my medical costs?

Many illnesses that were once incurable can now be treated successfully.

However, this can lead to additional expenses while you recuperate.

The lump sum paid to you could help remove some of the financial and emotional stress associated with a serious illness, to enable you to help pay for treatment and bills.

Sometimes with your mortgage protection policy, you can combine Serious Illness into the policy

The One premium will cover your Mortgage protection and serious illness for a single life or both lives depending on the provider.

We can help you go through your options. We have all life companies to hand Aviva, Irish Life, Zurich Life, New Ireland, and Royal London. Moreover, we can go through the best option suited to you.

Don’t Forget the younger you are taking out a policy the less it costs.


The Serious Illness Cover benefits:

  • You get a one-off cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specific serious illness.
  • It protects your family financially if you become seriously ill.
  • It covers a wide range of illnesses.
  • It gives you time to focus on what really matters… getting better.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Serious Illness Cover

Will my serious illness cover my children?
Yes, it can, generally, most providers will cover a portion of serious illness for children, so we can compare which provider will be able to best suited to meet your requirements.
Can I take out Serious Illness with a pre existing cover?
Yes, you can, but as you have this condition already more than likely there will be an exclusion on the policy that they will not cover this.
Can I take out serious illness if I am a non smoker?

Yes, you can but this is one of the factors that the provider will take into account when determining the cost.

If my serious illness policy pays out before my mortgage is paid off will there still be enough cover on my mortgage?

If you combine your Mortgage Protection and your Serious Illness into one policy you should make sure there is enough cover in place if the serious illness pays out first.

For Example

Mortgage is 200,000
Serious Illness 50,000

The policy should be put in place for 250,00
If the policy were to pay out on 50,000 serious illness then the mortgage is still covered 200,000