Regular Saver Kildare, Ireland

Think of your salary – how much can you put away

Grow Wealth in a Regular Saver Account in Kildare, Ireland

Watch your savings grow over time by putting an amount away regularly in a Regular Savings Plan.

Your savings are invested in a range of investment funds depending on your risk profile.

The regular saver is specifically designed for you from the amount you choose to save to what fund you are invested in.

You have the option to vary the regular payments if required and to make a once-off lump sum injection.

Benefits of a Regular Saver Account in Kildare, Ireland
  1. Save for an emergency fund
  2. Save for your new home deposit
  3. Save for College education.
  4. Save for holidays, car, or luxury items
  5. Save for Retirement

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Frequently Asked Questions about Regular Saver Accounts

When should I start a regular saver?
You can start a regular saver at any time there is no exact timeframe on when you need to have a regular saver set up. Ideally you set one up when you are saving for something specific.
How much should I put in my regular saver?
You can start of small and build up over time. You don’t want to either be puting yourself under financial stress by putting all your money into the regular saver.

Most clients start small by staring to save Children’s allowance that they receive this.
This is a great way of starting of small, the amount can gradually increase overtime.

How do I know what fund I will invested in?
I will go through a risk analysis with you, this will determine how risk avers you are and we can choose funds which you are happy to be in knowing that you wont have to worry.
Can I withdraw from my regular saver if I need to?
You can withdraw from your saver but ideally these policies are designed for you to see the potential growth between 5-7 years. If you withdraw from the policy before then you more than likely are not going to see this any benefit of this policy.
Is there a charge if I want to switch funds?
Generally no there isnt a charge for you to switch funds, but you must also be mindful that you may be limited to a certain number of switches per year.

It will be different with each provider depending on who the regular saver is set up though.

What if I wan to cash in the policy?
You can cash in your Policy but you must be aware that there could be a potential partial encashment charge that will incur. If you withdraw from the policy you wont see the benefit of the regular saver plan.