Lump Sum Investment Bond in Kildare

You may have received an inheritance, have a build up of savings, and are asking yourself what do I want to do with this should I invest this?

Why should I consider a Lump Sum Investment Bond?

Investment bonds are ideal for people looking for a long-term lump sum investment.

Your money can be invested in a range of investment funds suitable to your risk profile.

It gives you access to a wide variety of funds, with varying degrees of risk and return.

Suitable if you have a lump sum of money to invest, such as an inheritance or existing savings.

Benefits of investing in an investment bond

Choice – The range of funds offered includes equity funds, bond funds, cash funds, and funds with a combination of assets as well.

Flexibility – You can switch funds at any time. If your circumstances change, you can change the level of risk.

Accessibility – you have the option to take an income or encashment from the bond if required.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Lump Sum Investment Bond

Does an investment bond have life cover?
No, you would need to set up a separate policy that would have life cover.
Are investment bonds exempt from inheritance tax?
No, they are not, they are a personal asset.
What happens if I die what happens to my funds?
Any funds that you have will be left to your estate.
Should I be invested in multiple funds?
I would always recommend clients to diversify their funds, Once you take a risk assessment we will be able to look at similar funds. You can always switch in and out of funds in line with your appetite for risk.