Financial Advisor Kildare, Ireland | Gwen Clarke, CFP

This part of my life, these personal experiences of Finance, drove me to become a financial advisor. It enabled me to help others in the same situations- to help them plan so they wouldn’t have to encounter similar circumstances.

Gwen Clarke, CFP is a Financial Advisor in Kildare, Ireland

Gwen Clarke Financial Services is based in Johnstown in Kildare.

We can give you advice and guidance on a range of topics from your Financial Planning, Pensions, Savings & Investments, Mortgages, and Life Protection.

We are independent financial advisors and work with a wide range of different providers.

Gwen Clarke MSc, QFA, SIA, CFP ®

Gwen Clarke MSc, QFA, SIA, CFP ®

Director and Certified Financial Planner

Gwen has ample amount of experience in the financial service industry.

Gwen Clarke financial services were formed in 2007 after wanting to share her knowledge and experiences in helping others.

‘’From my own personal experiences with finances, I have an understanding of what most of my client’s worries and concerns are’’


Phone: 045 916080 or 087 9582082

Danitza Clarke

Danitza Clarke

Mortgage Advisor, APA

Joined the company in 2021

Danitza has experience in the protection and banking side of the financial services industry.

She has also recently taken on the marketing side for Gwen Clarke Financial Services.

‘’I enjoy a challenge with every mortgage that comes through and seeing clients achieve their dreams’’


Phone: 045 916080